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Davey's Spaces: January 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Massive Black Hole Discovered By Hubble Space Telescope

                             Hubble Reveals Supermassive Black Hole In M84 Galaxy

This Image was just released by NASA, taken by the imaging spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope. Their data reveals that this Black Hole is moving/rotating at a speed of 880,000 miles per hour and is located 26 light years from the center of the M84 galaxy.The size of this object, if you can call it an object since it does not have a measurable amount of mass, has a size of 300 million solar masses which means that you could fit 300 million stars the size of our sun inside of its outer boundary. The black hole is 50 million light years from Earth. M84 resides within the Virgo cluster of galaxies and relatively nearby is M87 galaxy which also has a super-massive black hole residing somewhat near its center.
These marvels of creation are truly included when the scriptures say that God is greatly glorified by his creation. The heavens  speak of the fact that not only do the Scriptures offer great evidence of the presence of a wonderful Creator but the creation itself  surpasses our ability to categorize the greatness of his splendor! Magnify The LORD and Glorify His Name.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Soul Enters Eternity

The Nountaineer

My Purpose is to share with you decades of knowledge based on my own personal experiences as well as decades of study under many of the best Bible expositors around!

Another Soul Enters Eternity Posted on January 17, 2011

I have felt unusually down-in-the-dumps lately and I have not understood why. Today, I went to a Super Store whose name I will leave unmentioned, and at the next check-out counter I recognized three women of whom two do not live in my neck of- the-woods normally but I knew why they were in the area. The 90-year-old mother of the two sisters were in town because their mother had suffered some Type of heart attack.
I had been in the dark except for a brief description about this woman being in the hospital. We finished checking-out at the same time and I was very anxious to ask about their mother. When I did, I was given the bad news that she had passed away yesterday. I ate lunch with this woman in a semi-public facility a few times each week, and had done so for a few years.
I had been very concerned about her because she had behaved in an unusual way, other than  in previous months. Her attitude toward me had changed, even though I took very good care of her. I suspected that it had to do with the fact that I had on a few occasions mentioned that I was a Christian and had made brief comments to another person sitting with us, along those lines. Even though these comments were made to other people seated with us, I suspected that it bothered her somehow. I believe that she was not “Saved”and she had developed hard feelings toward me, because of it, somehow. I am now convinced that The Holy Spirit had worked on her heart but she was resistant. I had waited for an opportunity to witness to her but she never joined the conversation when Christian related comments were made in her hearing.
My heart has been very burdened because of her spiritual condition and somehow, The Holy Spirit was causing me to be troubled over her condition because her time was short! This goes back to other posts that I have written about “Spiritual Gifting”and It was the gift of "Discerning of Spirits"or “Spiritual Discernment” that through God’s Spirit, had troubled me for this past week or longer! Now she is Gone and I am convinced that she is not in a good place because of her stubbornness and now she will have to endure an eternity of punishment.
I can not tell you how saddened I am over this situation and wish it had turned out differently. If you have anyone close to you who you suspect that he or she is not saved then make every effort to talk to them, privately, if possible because you may not have another chance, which was the case in my life. It is too important to allow an opportunity pass by! Eternity is a very long time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Poetry MY Life / My Enduring Questions Of Purpose

A Question of life - Copyrighted   DDB
                                                     The Everlasting Question

Quite often, I ask myself what should I be, just another poet, an apple in a tree?
The answer is out there, it is so difficult to see.
It is shadowed by heartache, it is shadowed by thee.
Should I be a poet?
Should I be a cook?
Should I go to college?
Should I write a book?
The answer is out there, it is so difficult to see.
Will I ever find, what life means to me?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here ?

P2040048 (2)
The Nountaineer
Our lives consist of the many desires,needs cares and disappointments that form who we are,especially during our formative years.

After this we strive to understand who we are and what we should do with this life that we have been given by God. This is of course referring to those who believe in The God of Creation. Those who do not, lack the basic moorings necessary to achieve true joy and peace within their lifetimes. Very few that do not receive the Gift of Eternal Life when they are young, ever do so later in life. This unfortunately encompasses most of mankind. They have what is called a God shaped void within their soul that can only be filled by God Himself. People try to fill that spiritual void with every conceivable form of fulfillment including all things sinful which I will not try to enumerate at this time. Most people deep in their soul know what sin is. God has given all of us a conscience that tells us that something is wrong. After a person suppresses these pangs of conscience over and over, their conscience becomes calloused and are no longer sensitive to their God given inner warning system. That is the way it is and no one can force an adult person to do what is right nor should they, apart from the criminal justice system. All we can do is witness to them and set an example of how we should behave and act like a Christian should act, in their presence and pray for them

As for those who are true believers, we are to direct our focus onto The Lord of our Salvation and try our best to please Him through obedience which is empowered by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. We need to seek His perfect will for our lives on an individual basis. We need to ask The LORD to reveal to us how we are to use our Spiritual Gifts for the edification of the Body of Christ.I have the spiritual gift that is called "Discerning of Spirits" which has been a very difficult gift to understand because it is a spiritual sight gift that has allowed, and does allow me to see things that the normal person or Christian can not see or recognise! I have seen demons and even the devil himself, when I was much younger and am able to recognise the spiritual condition of people, even those who wrongly call themselves Christians. What is your Gift or Gifts? How can we be sure what they are? It takes prayer and the study of God’s Word to discover our Gifts and then put them into practice with the Holy Spirit's assistance who gave them to you in the beginning of your relationship with your Savior, Jesus. It is Our Responsibility  to have a personal relationship with our Lord and God and to do so on a daily basis, just as you would with a loved one such as your husband or wife. We are to feed on God's Word daily just as we would feed our bodies on a regular basis.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Holy Spirit Today and Spiritual Gifting

The Nountaineer

Isaiah 1:16-17“Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.


This is my attempt to share the very unusual life occurrences that The GOD of our universe has so graciously allowed me to experience, even great pain! I will also try to share what HE has taught me through my pain and study of HIM.

  The Holy Spirit Today / Spiritual Gifting

Through years of intense study on my own as well as with some of the best Bible teachers available, I have come to the stark realization that I have been "Spiritually Gifted" with the "Gift of Spiritual Discernment" which is more properly called "Discerning of Spirits". It is the only way to explain all of the spiritual / supernatural things that I have seen including demons and the Devil himself. I do not seek to have these experiences but I now know that The LORD has allowed these realizations, for the lack of a better way of describing what has happened to me, to prepare me for a great task that He has already begun. After decades of spiritual oppression with Satanic attacks through wicked people, in my dreams and in ways that I still do not fully comprehend, GOD has been preparing me for an even greater battle ahead. The LORD has also made great promises to me many years ago otherwise I would not have had the strength to continue with the mind boggling events that I have endured. I am a great threat to the Adversary who is the Devil otherwise he would not be so interested in harming me. This has encompassed the first half of my life to toughen me up for the later stages in my life

The later stages began at the age of 30 in a very unusual way. It has been an even more challenging set of circumstances than the first half of my life and even harder to describe, although I will try my best to inspire you to believe even unto "Eternal Salvation" if at all possible

After years of great hardship, both physically and psychologically, The Lord stepped into my life by sending an elderly man who I had just met a couple of days earlier. It was in the evening at a van customizing shop that virtually had no business and an owner who preferred to develop his country western band. This was his uncle. I manned the office in exchange for a place to plug-in my camper van and a place to sleep. His uncle presented himself with the exclamation that he had just had a "vision" about me personally. Even though I had been a believer in The LORD since I was 6 years old, I had not become grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Life had been too intense and I had not found anyone to mentor me from a Biblical point of view. This elderly man said that this, as well as previous visions included color similar to a stop light, red, yellow and green which told him whether or not to share the vision. My vision was green which told him to tell me. It simply consisted of three numbers, 7, 9, and 18, as I recall. He also gave to me 3 airline tickets that were for a flight that was departing in a day or two. I had to make a decision to trust God with this because it was around the holidays and the destination was Baltimore from Tucson and I was broke except for 8 dollars. I prayed about it and then on the next afternoon, I was on my way even though there were blizzard conditions in the Northeast USA and I would be hitch-hiking back. Thankfully, the plane landed at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport for a brief layover. I decided that it would be best for me to start hitch-hiking back from there.

This was the beginning of my choice to start trusting my LORD and Savior in a big way. I did not really have many other choices available and it was time for me to start to follow Him where-ever he led me by faith! IT was because of this major choice that made me become a major target for the adversary (Satan) and he has been relentless except for periods where he tried to get me to let my guard down. My thirst to study the Bible has been ever increasing since then! Great pain and suffering has had a way of  forcing me to focus on Him as well. It has been this great increase in Bible study that has helped me to understand that all of these spiritual encounters were directly related to Spiritual Gifts that The LORD has given to me and in particular "Discerning of Spirits". I have seen spirits apart from having a  human body and have learned to recognized those people who are controlled or have allowed themselves to become influenced in a variety of ways. There are certain characteristics that I will notice after getting to know a particular person. The Devil and his minions are very deceptive so a person (believer) needs to be very careful who they allow into their lives. There are many within the Body of Christ that try to practice a sort of religion but it is in no way pleasing to God.

There are a number of other "Gifts" that are enumerated in the New Testament. These can be found in 1st Corinthians chapters 12 and 14, 1st Peter chapter 4 and Ephesians Chapter 4. and of course the book of Acts. You can glean other information about the working of the Holy Spirit throughout the bible. It is the Holy Spirit who primarily works within us and "Gifts" us as he sees fit for the edification of the Body of Christ. Some people are in the habit of naming 9 Gifts of the Spirit but I am convinced that you can not put The Holy Spirit in a box by limiting how He gifts people. There are variations of gifts, just as there are variations in personalities. The gift of "Sight" in another person might be somewhat different yet similar to my "Gift" of Spititual Sight or Discernment.

I am not prepared at this time to delve into the other "Gifts" in detail because there is still much discussion and many differences in opinion concerning which gifts are still active today and even whether we can have more than one spiritual gift per person. I personally believe that a true believer by "Faith in Christ", has a primary spiritual gift that they need to focus on and develop by the Holy Spirit's power, and secondary gifts as well.

There is one thing that I do know from personal experience and that concerns "tongues". There are "Cults" who specialize in tongues as well as the Occult and this is straight from Satan who's people also do this kind of "babble" which is dangerously deceptive, even Mediums or those in the "New Age Movement can do this kind of deceptive babble. There are many in the "Church" that are planted by Satan. They are known as "Tares" or false believers who pretend to be "Saved" but are not! They may actually believe that they are true Christians, but are not! I have personal experience with one of the so-called Christian cults called "The Way International". I have a cousin who was ensnared by this organization many years ago. Their specialty was also "tongues" but I was able to discern that these were false and from Satan after listening to both my cousin and her friend do this kind of babble in front of me! The book of Acts illustrated the ability to speak in front of a mixed crowd from different cultures and hear "Peter's" words for example, in their own native tongues (languages) and including their different dialects as well. Be very careful of those who claim to have this kind of ability because they ar likely to be doing the Devil's work!
 One of my friends
One of my friends 
Arizona, United States
I am amazed by all of God's Creation but dismayed by all of the evil that has corrupted it ! I have seen God's hand at work in my life and because I am actively seeking His will, I am also a target for Satan's attacks and have been attacked for decades! I am willing to share as much as I can to those who are honestly seeking the Truth.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valley Ear, Nose and Throat In Arizona

Auschwitz concentration campImage via Wikipedia
Josef Mengele

Beware of This Sick Man and The Corporation That Protects Him!!!  Please Help To Expose Them

Valley ENT corporation (ear,nose and throat) in “The greater Phoenix and Tucson areas” allows at least one of their managing partners to engage in and get away with intentionally abusing / torturing patient(s) or at least that is what happened in my case by Steven J. Blatchford MD. I am one who was intentionally tortured and chose to fight against these kinds of criminal behaviors. It is absolutely not possible that could have been accidental! After he intentionally burned me with a Radio Frequency machine, in an area that is not visible to a person that might be looking at you , he then laughed about it! He lied to the vice president of Valley ENT PC and told Dr. Dan Hurley that he apologized. He did not apologize because he did it intentionally! Dr. Dan Hurley is responsible for making  these kinds of complaints just go away without even trying to make-up for the harm that was caused. I am poor and disabled and they know that I do not have the resources to hire an attorney and fight this kind of abuse. Dr. Blatchford knew full well in advance that he would get away with it! I do not know how you can call laughing about that kind of abuse, an apology. I have since learned that Blatchford hires out as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases and has learned exactly what he can and can not do and get away with it as he has done, up until now!

After filing all of the grievances and complaints, The Arizona Medical Board let him get away with this unconscionable behavior. After a short review the Board decided to believe the lies that Blatchford fed them and dismissed the totally truthful testimony that I provided. It was his word against mine and since there were no other witnesses they let him get away with it. With the years of experience that he has with the legal system, he knows full well what he can get away with. You see, he also hires out as an expert witness in malpractice and probably other types of  lawsuits therefore he knows exactly how much he can get away with!

Steven J. Blatchford is a modern day Josef Mengele who tortures for the fun of it! That is at least what happened in my case. Mengele was Adolf Hitler’s #1 Torturer who performed so_called medical experiments on poor little boys and girls at Hitler’s Death Camps and elsewhere. They also used electricity as a means of torture just as this very sick man has done! If Mengele would have had this kind of "High Voltage Machine" as this doctor did then Mengele would most certainly have used it as a weapon as was done to me!
MY primary Care Physician examined the burned area a few days after it occurred to document the damage in the office and I provided her notes and my exact account of the Torture to the authorities but it boiled down to his lies against my truthful account of what happened. He even laughed about what he did! Dr. Dan Hurley, the vice president of the Valley ENT corporation contacted me to try to talk me out of my complaint but there was nothing that he said that had any bearing on what this sick man did to me that morning in his office. These doctors protect themselves because they will sooner or later need another Doctor to lie to get them out of a jam whether intentional or not!

I have since learned from medical personnel who know this creep and know what a POOR SURGEON that he is and are also familiar with the questionable billing practices used by Valley ENT to squeeze more money out of the government as well as insurance companies than they have coming to them. CORRUPT is the word I would use to describe them all!

Beware of VALLEY ENT in Arizona!!! Help Expose Steven J. Blatchford for Medical Abuse , even Torture.
I need all of the help that I can get. At this point, publishing this incident is all that I can do. I am new in the blogosphere and do not know how to get my story noticed. Will someone please help me to get exposure?
Thank you in advance.

1 Peter 1:13“[Be Holy] Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Purpose for this Weblog and Approach

My Purpose is to share with you decades of knowledge based on my own personal experiences as well as decades of study under many of the best Bible expositors around! I have a number of subjects and specific topics associated with them. These have ongoing revisions as I correct and add to my posts so please be patient as I build these posts, as well as the many blogs also that I am building, into something that I will be proud of when I am finished. I am using a different approach, rather that creating drafts. It is a little disorganized but it will end with finished posts that contain a considerable amount of knowledge and important content. I am regularly editing and adding additional information as "The Lord" inspires me to do. I have also caught some serious mistakes made during the wee hours of the morning when I am totally exhausted, so again be patient and come back and see the additional information that I have added.
Thank You and check back often. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Valley ENT / Managed Medical Abuse, Even Torture

Auschwitz concentration camp
Josef Mengele

You need  to be alert to the fact that some Doctors  are totally corrupt when it comes to the Hippocratic Oath, to do NO Harm. I found through my own
 investigations that Steven J. Blatchford  as well as Valley ENT of Arizona have been using very questionable billing practices as well as allowing at least one of their MD's to get away with torture!

I have found from my own experience that Valley ENT of Arizona allows within their managing partners, at least one who fits this description. His name is Dr. Steven J. Blatchford, an ear,nose and throat practitioner, also, the vice-president of Valley ENT who contacted me after I filed a complaint with their corporation has helped to cover-up this crime! He decided to take revenge or did it for the sheer pleasure of it when he burned me intentionally with a RF (radio frequency) machine that is seldom used anymore because it is not very effective. He then laughed about what he had just done. Josef Mengele was Adolf Hitler's chief torturer and used electricity as one of the ways that he tortured the boys and girls as well as others in the concentration camps and other places. Blatchford used a more advanced high voltage machine that produced a lightning bolt effect as he was burning me. This is an example of how Mengele and Blatchford are alike! I found Valley ENT of Arizona and their partners continue to use this machine as well as other procedures because they can charge the government and insurance companies more money if these procedures are done in the office instead of the hospital setting where it is more safely done and more effective by surgery instead. I learned these things from another ENT Dr. and other medical personnel who know first hand about the unscrupulous practices of Valley ENT and Steven Blatchford MD. This corporation has offices in both the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas. Dr. Dan Hurley is the vice president that handled the complaint that I filed and he just brushed it under the rug. He knew that since I am disabled and did not have the resources to hire an attorney, all he had to do was ignore me and hide this incident from the public which is exactly what they have tried to do, but it is now crawling back out from under the rug that they tried to hide it under!

I filed all of the available grievances and complaints with the Arizona Medical Board and my insurance carrier but his lies were accepted and it was basically his lies against my totally accurate account. This kind of thing appears to be the tip of the proverbial iceberg and needs to be exposed about abuse and torture in the medical community. I wanted to file a police report but without any other witnesses, it was useless. I also filed a complaint directly to the Valley ENT corporate headquarters in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, using their online complaint form which said that I should hear from someone in about 2 days. One week later, Dr. Dan Hurley who is a vice president with Valley ENT contacted me and basically said that he believed the lies that Dr.Blatchford told him and that I should understand that these things happen sometimes. TORTURE happens some times in third world countries but it should not! When it happens in America, the Dr.'s protect themselves by lying for one another hoping that when they do something horrible then they can count on the other Dr.'s to do the same for them some day.

I hope that there will be a responsible person who reads about this and helps me to expose Steven J. Blatchford, Valley ENT Corp. of Arizona and this corruption. I am new to the blogging world and do not know how to get this incident noticed by the general public so please help me if you can!that I need?
 Thank You in advance.

My Little Friend

Ring-Tail Cat/Miner's Cat
This marvelous little creature chose to move in with me on the 1st of December, 2009 and stayed for a couple of weeks until it became a little more than I could handle. It provided more joy than I can describe while it was with me. I was truly heartbroken to have to do a catch and release but I had no choice at that time.
Do you know what it is? You are welcome to guess and if you are correct then I will let you know, that is if you leave your contact information.

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