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Davey's Spaces: Valley Ear, Nose and Throat In Arizona

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valley Ear, Nose and Throat In Arizona

Auschwitz concentration campImage via Wikipedia
Josef Mengele

Beware of This Sick Man and The Corporation That Protects Him!!!  Please Help To Expose Them

Valley ENT corporation (ear,nose and throat) in “The greater Phoenix and Tucson areas” allows at least one of their managing partners to engage in and get away with intentionally abusing / torturing patient(s) or at least that is what happened in my case by Steven J. Blatchford MD. I am one who was intentionally tortured and chose to fight against these kinds of criminal behaviors. It is absolutely not possible that could have been accidental! After he intentionally burned me with a Radio Frequency machine, in an area that is not visible to a person that might be looking at you , he then laughed about it! He lied to the vice president of Valley ENT PC and told Dr. Dan Hurley that he apologized. He did not apologize because he did it intentionally! Dr. Dan Hurley is responsible for making  these kinds of complaints just go away without even trying to make-up for the harm that was caused. I am poor and disabled and they know that I do not have the resources to hire an attorney and fight this kind of abuse. Dr. Blatchford knew full well in advance that he would get away with it! I do not know how you can call laughing about that kind of abuse, an apology. I have since learned that Blatchford hires out as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases and has learned exactly what he can and can not do and get away with it as he has done, up until now!

After filing all of the grievances and complaints, The Arizona Medical Board let him get away with this unconscionable behavior. After a short review the Board decided to believe the lies that Blatchford fed them and dismissed the totally truthful testimony that I provided. It was his word against mine and since there were no other witnesses they let him get away with it. With the years of experience that he has with the legal system, he knows full well what he can get away with. You see, he also hires out as an expert witness in malpractice and probably other types of  lawsuits therefore he knows exactly how much he can get away with!

Steven J. Blatchford is a modern day Josef Mengele who tortures for the fun of it! That is at least what happened in my case. Mengele was Adolf Hitler’s #1 Torturer who performed so_called medical experiments on poor little boys and girls at Hitler’s Death Camps and elsewhere. They also used electricity as a means of torture just as this very sick man has done! If Mengele would have had this kind of "High Voltage Machine" as this doctor did then Mengele would most certainly have used it as a weapon as was done to me!
MY primary Care Physician examined the burned area a few days after it occurred to document the damage in the office and I provided her notes and my exact account of the Torture to the authorities but it boiled down to his lies against my truthful account of what happened. He even laughed about what he did! Dr. Dan Hurley, the vice president of the Valley ENT corporation contacted me to try to talk me out of my complaint but there was nothing that he said that had any bearing on what this sick man did to me that morning in his office. These doctors protect themselves because they will sooner or later need another Doctor to lie to get them out of a jam whether intentional or not!

I have since learned from medical personnel who know this creep and know what a POOR SURGEON that he is and are also familiar with the questionable billing practices used by Valley ENT to squeeze more money out of the government as well as insurance companies than they have coming to them. CORRUPT is the word I would use to describe them all!

Beware of VALLEY ENT in Arizona!!! Help Expose Steven J. Blatchford for Medical Abuse , even Torture.
I need all of the help that I can get. At this point, publishing this incident is all that I can do. I am new in the blogosphere and do not know how to get my story noticed. Will someone please help me to get exposure?
Thank you in advance.

1 Peter 1:13“[Be Holy] Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

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