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Davey's Spaces: Valley ENT / Managed Medical Abuse, Even Torture

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Valley ENT / Managed Medical Abuse, Even Torture

Auschwitz concentration camp
Josef Mengele

You need  to be alert to the fact that some Doctors  are totally corrupt when it comes to the Hippocratic Oath, to do NO Harm. I found through my own
 investigations that Steven J. Blatchford  as well as Valley ENT of Arizona have been using very questionable billing practices as well as allowing at least one of their MD's to get away with torture!

I have found from my own experience that Valley ENT of Arizona allows within their managing partners, at least one who fits this description. His name is Dr. Steven J. Blatchford, an ear,nose and throat practitioner, also, the vice-president of Valley ENT who contacted me after I filed a complaint with their corporation has helped to cover-up this crime! He decided to take revenge or did it for the sheer pleasure of it when he burned me intentionally with a RF (radio frequency) machine that is seldom used anymore because it is not very effective. He then laughed about what he had just done. Josef Mengele was Adolf Hitler's chief torturer and used electricity as one of the ways that he tortured the boys and girls as well as others in the concentration camps and other places. Blatchford used a more advanced high voltage machine that produced a lightning bolt effect as he was burning me. This is an example of how Mengele and Blatchford are alike! I found Valley ENT of Arizona and their partners continue to use this machine as well as other procedures because they can charge the government and insurance companies more money if these procedures are done in the office instead of the hospital setting where it is more safely done and more effective by surgery instead. I learned these things from another ENT Dr. and other medical personnel who know first hand about the unscrupulous practices of Valley ENT and Steven Blatchford MD. This corporation has offices in both the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas. Dr. Dan Hurley is the vice president that handled the complaint that I filed and he just brushed it under the rug. He knew that since I am disabled and did not have the resources to hire an attorney, all he had to do was ignore me and hide this incident from the public which is exactly what they have tried to do, but it is now crawling back out from under the rug that they tried to hide it under!

I filed all of the available grievances and complaints with the Arizona Medical Board and my insurance carrier but his lies were accepted and it was basically his lies against my totally accurate account. This kind of thing appears to be the tip of the proverbial iceberg and needs to be exposed about abuse and torture in the medical community. I wanted to file a police report but without any other witnesses, it was useless. I also filed a complaint directly to the Valley ENT corporate headquarters in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, using their online complaint form which said that I should hear from someone in about 2 days. One week later, Dr. Dan Hurley who is a vice president with Valley ENT contacted me and basically said that he believed the lies that Dr.Blatchford told him and that I should understand that these things happen sometimes. TORTURE happens some times in third world countries but it should not! When it happens in America, the Dr.'s protect themselves by lying for one another hoping that when they do something horrible then they can count on the other Dr.'s to do the same for them some day.

I hope that there will be a responsible person who reads about this and helps me to expose Steven J. Blatchford, Valley ENT Corp. of Arizona and this corruption. I am new to the blogging world and do not know how to get this incident noticed by the general public so please help me if you can!that I need?
 Thank You in advance.

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