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Davey's Spaces: Danger - Your Children Are At Risk!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Danger - Your Children Are At Risk!

  My chosen purpose is to share with you decades of learning and acquired knowledge based on my own personal experiences and decades of study under many of the best Bible expositors around! I have discovered that knowledge is acquired through a variety of ways and it seems that I have all too often had to learn,"The Hard Way".That which I have learned from suffering was not a decision that I would have consciously made!

Our decisions that are made in our youth shape who we are and who we become later in life. I can not stress strongly enough how important it is to do the hard work of child rearing from a point as close to the child's birth as possible. The first six months of life are more important than people normally realize. Even though you may think that a little baby is not able to learn very much in those early months of life,  the fact is, is that they are like little sponges and the more input that we give these little ones the better, even from birth! Talking, singing and all sorts of visual stimuli prepare their little brains for all sorts of  learning when they are ready for preschool. Baby talk is harmful and has to be unlearned later.Even breast feeding during the first year of life is more important than most women realize! Teach them as much as you can in the midst of all of the other tender loving care that is necessary while they learn to become more and more capable of handling the little tasks that we must all learn including potty training,  learning to walk, and dress themselves.

Our world has changed in ways that few fully understand. You must be prepared to protect your child from all sorts of dangers that appear as every day activities. Public school systems can not be trusted to have your child's best interests in mind! Many of the dangers are designed into the curriculum that teachers are forced to impose upon your child. Even though there is some degree of variation available in some school districts policy's, for the most part they have to follow the lesson plans that they are given. From the Department of Education down to the lesson plans, there is a general design to brainwash our children into believing things that are far from the"Three R's" (reading, writing and arithmetic) that used to be the basis of education and that education was designed around teaching methods proven to be successful many decades ago. We would have to go back to a point in time long before most of us were born to actually experience the education systems that made our nation great!

Home schooling is a cooperative effort that is necessary whether you are a Christian or not. Doing this on our own is an overwhelming task, to say the least. There are excellent Christian organizations that provide curriculum options that are a good starting point. Not all families are able to home-school because they are up to their ears in debt and feel that the wife and mother needs to work outside of the home. There are ways to get control of our spending with a budget and prepare so that the mother can stay home and actually raise their children! Finding ways to work from home is also a possibility but beware of the scammers that are looking to snare stay at home mothers!  

Other dangers that our children face are within that which is called "entertainment". From Hollywood to  video games and computers, there are great dangers that we must protect our children from. I do not even have a television in my home and I have to be very careful with what I might be potentially exposed to over the internet! Whether you are now a parent or plan to be one, you need to make changes now so that you will have a greater amount of control  over what goes into your minds as well as the minds of your children that you now have or will have in the future. It is far overdue that we wake up to what we are all being exposed to from every area of life, even billboards!

We all need to stop and do a self assessment and prioritize our lives. There are many things that we do not need in our lives and worshiping "The God of Sports" is a big one that is pushed over television and needs to be eliminated in our lives and replaced with a "Personal Relationship" with "Our Creator". For a Christian, there is nothing that is more important! For non-Christians, there is nothing more important in life than opening our eyes to the fact that we are not our own! We were created by a Great and Loving God that demands that we make a choice to receive Him by Faith or reject Him and spend all of eternity in Hell. He will not force anyone to accept him but there are great consequences to this decision. Will you "Receive Christ Jesus" and have ALL of your sins forgiven? All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We all have sinned and need THE SAVIOR who died a terrible death out of love so that many might be saved from eternal punishment that will happen without FAITH in Christ, The Son of God!

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