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Davey's Spaces: Hyperinflation - Beware

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hyperinflation - Beware

I posted about a story by Jerome Corsi in my last post which is a different direction from my previous posts. Jerome Corsi is with World Net Daily and provides a weekly newsletter about important events and trends in our nation. I do not receive any compensation for quoting his stories or directing readers to his site: http://www.redalert.wnd.com/ . I am writing again about our economy because it is in serious trouble and I need to tell people to prepare for a long period of hyperinflation based on poor decisions made by our government in the past few years, in particular. I wrote on another of my blogs about stagflation which will hit our economy soon but now it is important to make preparations for out of control monetary policies that will drive prices much higher than the fuel price caused increases in food and other products that we are already experiencing.The monetization of the federal debt by the Federal Reserve is the primary cause that is contributing to an already unstable economy!

I have been stocking up on dried goods such as beans and rice in air tight containers, expecting economic woes. Now it has begun and I want and need to warn anyone willing to read this post to be smart and prepare in any way that you can! Start Preparing!

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