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Davey's Spaces: December 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Holy Spirit Today

I have met almost no one who has seen and experienced anything that even comes close to the things that I have, concerning the GOD of the Bible. I started studying the Bible much more intently since I found the great number of resources that are available online. Because of my rural setting Christian radio broadcasts were difficult to come by so now I daily listen to some of the most highly educated Bible expositors in the world both alive and deceased. I also listen to the Bible on tape almost daily as well.

The Holy Spirit has become an invaluable part of my life daily with inspiration that I am slowly learning to recognize. He has a way of offering daily His assurance of His constant presence in my life although it stretches my mind almost to it's limit in ways that I am not able or prepared to discuss at this time.

My increased and renewed interest stems from a series of miraculous events that began when I was 30 years old. I had received Jesus (Yeshua) at the age of 6 but was later discouraged from continuing in my Christian faith because my parents stopped taking us to Church and then later they divorced leaving myself, my brother and two sisters without any spiritual guidance at all. Divorce has a way of disorientating  children which then leaves them at the mercy of our secular Godless school systems without the natural guidance that the Christian nuclear family once provided in our culture. Our children are our future and the ones who have the most influence in their lives, (the state) mold them into unbelieving secularists, socialistic humanists, communists,evolutionists or any combination from this list of Godless people.

Many dabble in the occult or variations of primitive religions that are demonic based and lead people into great confusion and deception that is very difficult if not impossible to escape from without the direct intervention of The LORD Himself or a Christian who is operating in the power of The Holy Spirit.

During the  years of adolescence and early adulthood, I was like a ship without a rudder, trying to fit in with my peer group yet never  feeling that I fit in at all although I tried very hard. I did what other youth did like drinking and smoking especially since these were things that my parents did but I found no satisfaction.  I left home at 16 then got a young woman pregnant when I was 17 and then the hardship and suffering really  began! She told me that she was a Catholic and I was naive enough to think that she was also a Christian. She repaid my willingness to give the child my name through marriage with 4 years of adultery. I married her even though there was ample evidence to believe that the child belonged to someone else.  She basically lied to me to get me to marry her!  She continued to lie about the child throughout the pregnancy and then just before the delivery she finally admitted that the child might belong to someone else! I remained faithful throughout the marriage despite her habitual adultery and only a short time before she finally filed for divorce did I stray once because the marital vows had long been violated by her anyway.

She did her level best to destroy me psychologically, mentally and emotionally and she succeeded! I went into a tailspin for several years after-wards and should be dead except for the Grace of GOD. I had experimented with a variety of chemical concoctions that were going around but for the most part just smoked pot and drank to ease the great pain that I suffered with. I had some spiritual experiences that convinced me that I was going down the wrong path! I saw Satan when I was 18 and my sister saw it happen to me. I had some other spiritual sightings which were demonic as far as I can tell. I knew that dabbling in these kinds of things were dangerous so I did not seek to have any repeat occurrences. After I moved to Arizona, I had a temporary job in California with a plumbing company. One weekend in California I went camping and asked at a gas station for a place to camp. This guy pointed at a small mountain and sent me on my way. It was Mount Diablo or Devil Mountain. I did not know enough of the Spanish language to know what this name meant but I was about to find out the hard way! The first night, a demon tried to possess me in my dreams. It lasted all night with 3 points where I awoke, wiped the sweat from my brow and then back to sleep with the dream picking up right where it left off before I  awoke. Finally, at dawn, I woke up just as the demon was reaching out to touch me on the shoulder. The demon was bald headed and was coming up out of the ground. I resisted with all of my strength and kept any harm from happening to me. Later, I went to the top of the mountain and discovered a monument that said that the Spanish had surveyed this portion of California from that spot and that the natives had worshiped there for 5000 years. It was the same demon that they worshiped that tried to possess me! The bible indicates in the Book of  Daniel that demons have their territory which are generally "high places" as was the normal location for pagan worship in The Old Testement.
After I  moved back to Arizona with the hope of starting over, I worked off and on because of my deteriorating health and tried to do my best to recover from all of the harm that I had experienced  but it takes more than a change of scenery to get the kind of rehabilitation that I needed! But then at the age of 30 GOD stepped into my life in a big way. I was between jobs and had really reached a point where I could no longer hold a regular job. That is when things started to happen! This narrative can be found at :

 http://davebrigg.wordpress.com/   Go to the archives dated June and July 2009 and it will be in three parts. I will continue writing about The Holy Spirit's work soon.